Are You a Good Student? Find It out Right Now by Completing This Quiz!

Find it out right now by completing this quiz filled with tips for young and adult students. The goal is to improve your study habits. Good luck!

Good student

A Techy Riddle for Your Friends to Solve

Now you’re kindly invited to conduct this experiment which is something like a riddle. The purpose is to find out how familiar your friends are with technology. You have to ask the following questions to five different people around you.

A Techy Riddle for Your Friends

Those people can be of any age between 0 and 99, and can be either male or female.

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Learn to Make Your Own PDF eBooks with Free Cultural Resources

Do you like geography and history? If so, today we are going to show you something cool: How to take some free digital content from the World Digital Library in order to make a custom world map eBook with ePapyrus PDF-Pro.

If you are a teacher the following how-to will be very useful to you. Don’t miss today’s tip! The WDL is filled with tons of copyright-free resources waiting for you to create your own educational resources!

Learn to Make Your Own Pdf eBooks

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