Create your PDF files like a Pro

Batch Conversion

By a simple process of drag, drop and click, you can convert to PDF format even a heap of Microsoft Word Documents and any other formats of documents. It’ll save your fingers from cramping, and it’ll prolong your mouse’s life.

Virtual Printer

ePapyrus PDF-Pro also works as a nice printer driver under Windows environment. Hence, it can be used by any Windows application that generates printing. For example, in Microsoft Word, choose File > Print > and choose PDF-Pro from the printer name list.

DjVu to PDF

Sometimes there comes need to convert DjVu documents to PDF. Even in that case, you can rest assured that ePapyrus PDF-Pro will do a quick and stable conversion.

Comment your PDFs like a Pro

Various annotations

ePapyrus PDF-Pro supports functionality to highlight, strike-out, and underline text in PDF documents. You can also add sticky notes anywhere within your PDF document.


Put stamps on your PDF documents like a pro. In addition to the set of predefined stamps, you can add your own stamp images.

File Attachment

You can attach files onto your documents as you do when sending e-mails. Further, you can easily find the attached files in the attachment window.

Edit your PDFs like a Pro

Page Organizer

With powerful page organizer, can merge multiple PDF documents into one PDF document or split one multi-page PDF document into multiple PDF documents. Even you can compile a new PDF document from multiple sources of PDF documents. Yes, PDF-Pro works as a powerful and easy-to-use page organizer application.

Batch Encryption

ePapyrus PDF-Pro protects confidential documents using a secure encryption algorithm. It makes encrypting easy by supporting batch encryption processes for multiple documents and also supports control over printing, editing and copying.


You can permanently block out or cover certain images/text in your document such as phone numbers, tax details or any other personal information to be kept private. ePapyrus PDF-Pro also provides search functionality to mark up texts to be redacted in addition to manual mark-up tool.


Users can insert a pre-selected watermark into the background of a PDF output file.


You can create hyperlinks in your PDF documents. Hyperlinks can point another page in the document, another file, a website URL, and another PDF document.